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Build A Bad-Ass Life, One Habit At A Time

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Let Me Show You How To Blend Fitness With Happiness


My name is Soji. I'm a strength coach, speaker, and the #2 ranked cuddler in the world. Puppies are obviously #1. Building the body and life that you want start with your day to day actions. I'm here to help you fall in love with the process and unveil your best self- One step at a time.

What Are You Struggling With?

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Got A Case Of The workout Blues?

Out of 45% of people who make new years resolutions each year, only 8% actually succeed. Sometimes the exercise set up itself makes it hard to keep up with things. I want to help you break through all excuses. No time? No Access to a gym? Have little to no equipment? has your current routine grown unenjoyable? Download these 10 FREE workouts that require little to no equipment or time. It's time to ditch the alibis and make fitness fun again!

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Confused About What You Should Be Eating To Get Awesome Results?

Nutrition information in today's day and age could leave you more confused than one of David Blaine's magic tricks. Should you go low carb, high fat, or just down right hibernate through the winter to get results? I want to help you cut through all the B.S, kick the gimmicks to the curb, and start seeing some real change. Download this FREE informational guide that declutters the food noise by hitting you with the basics. It  includes a grocery shopping list and a 7 day meal plan. 

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Are You Having trouble sticking With Your Goals?

Starting a diet or exercise plan is the easy part. Sticking with it is much more difficult. We live in a society where we all want things immediately, but the key to lasting change is building habits that will help you transform your body and keep it that way! Tired of starting and not reaching the finish line? Check out the FREE 7 day accountability program, which uses a tool that has helped countless people revamp their lives. This method is surprisingly simple, but the impact is big!

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Get Inspired & Get Moving with SojiFeed.

What is SojiFeed? It's part show, part blog, and a whole lotta awesome. Its filled with wit, wisdom, and actionable ideas to get you into your best body, while living your best life. Come laugh, eat, sweat, and learn with the cool kids.