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I personally think that clubhouse sounds way cooler than website. I also think that laughter is the best medicine in existence and that cake isn't actually the devil dressed up in delicious-frosty goodness.

My name is Soji James.

I am a personal trainer/strength coach, teacher, and motivator. I'm also ranked #1 in smiling in the world.

Fitness has been my back door approach to holding enlightening conversations with people about true happiness. Not only has it changed my life, but it has allowed me to inspire hundreds of people to discover a better version of themselves.

SojiFit is not your average fitness website

Of course you will come across awesome content geared towards getting you to look like the sexy beast you desire. You will read articles, watch videos, & listen to podcasts that will help you burn fat, build muscle, and ooze "bad-assness" all over your living room floor, but on top of this my mission is to make your personal journey to the best version of YOU as enjoyable as possible. 

 If i know you, I know that you aren't content with mediocrity in any area of your life. How you look is only one piece of the equation. The benefits of exercise go far beyond aesthetics. How you think about yourself and how you go out and design the life that you want is equally important. In my opinion, true happiness is feeling great in your own skin, being strong physically + emotionally, expressing gratitude daily, and living life on your own terms.  

Fun: amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable.

Life is a process that is meant to be enjoyed, so many times we get so caught up in the destination that we forget this. My goal is to help you discover true bliss. I want you to enjoy food and avoid self shaming and deprivation. I want you to create your own standard of "hotness" and not live by what society has dictated. I want you to have a social life and not feel like you have to take up residence in a gym to get results. At SojiFit being awesome is about focusing on both the path and the destination. Training and nutrition don't have to be the worst part of your day. Your journey doesn't have to be depressing, limiting, and uninspiring or (for a lack of other intelligent words) - suck!

"It Ain't about the ass, it's about the Brain"

-Lena Dunham


Fat Loss Happens when you fall in love with the process

Obsessing over fat loss makes fat loss more difficult. It's pretty ironic, but it's true. Creating a negative environment based on hyper monitoring your diet, willpower, and judgement leads to more stress and makes fat loss near impossible. For a responsive metabolism, you need to make things as easy, consistent, and fun as possible. This site will focus on these specific success tools:

1. Delicious Healthy Food That's Easy

2. Building Powerful Habits To Create The Body & Life You Want

3. Smart, Effective Exercise to get you strong and lean

4. A Positive Mindset That Focuses On Self Love, Gratitude, & Empowerment



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