The Champions Mindset: How Keeping Losing Streaks Short Leads To Winning Results

The Month of October signifies many different things to many different people. Depending on your age, love for all things pumpkin, or the causes you champion , you may take completely different stand points on its importance. The end of the month holds a very special meaning to me. 

No, its not the start of shark week in case you were wondering (Who doesn't love shark week!?), but it does happen to be the start of the NBA basketball season! As a former college basketball player and current basketball fanatic, its like being re-united with a very dear old friend.

One of the biggest stories thus far has been the rough start of the new and improved,  Lebron James led Cleveland Cavaliers. Picked as a likely favorite to win an NBA title, the Cavs have started off the season an abysmal 1-3. After a particularly tough loss on a last second shot by the Utah Jazz, Lebron had this to say about his disappointments with the teams performance and ultimately with losing ,"They linger for the rest of the night.......but tomorrow is a new day.".

When it comes to your health and fitness goals, I believe that you have to adopt a similar mantra to King James. You can't allow your losses and setbacks to get in the way of your future success. For example, If you fall off track from your nutritional plan, don't compound the mistake by stringing together a week of eating that is detrimental to your results. Understand that you are not perfect and move on. Don't host a pity party and don't catch a case of the "Mondays" (like Monday is the all powerful reset button.), get back on track as soon as possible

If you have a hectic week at work and miss a day or two at the gym, don't beat yourself up. Make the time that you have to hit the gym count, and plan accordingly for future issues that may occur. Maybe next time you will exercise during your lunch break or squeeze in a short high intensity workout by waking up a little earlier during a busy week at the office. Winners look for solutions instead of focusing on their problems. I can sense my friend, are a winner!

The amount of setbacks you face does not determine whether you fail , but how you respond to these situations determines if you will be successful. String together win streaks and leave the losing streaks to those who do not want positive and impactful change in their lives. When you fall of the horse, don't give in to the temptation to quit! Just remember, tomorrow is a new day.

On that note I thought i'd leave you with this awesome and inspirational new Nike commercial featuring Lebron James himself. I borrowed one of his quotes, so i figured I had to pay homage someway!

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