Strong And The City: Why Women Should Lift Heavy By Day To Look Sexy At Night

There are many myths perpetuated throughout the fitness industry. Walk into any big box commercial gym and you will hear and see these fallacies immortalized. Look at the first treadmill, and you will probably see a middle-aged women going 1 mile per hour in order stay within the infamous "fat burning zone". She would be better off going at a higher intensity to burn a higher total amount of calories. Next, look to an isolated corner of the free weight area and you will probably see a young male in his early twenties crunching his life away in order to work on his "situation" and get a 6-pack. He probably doesn't know that spot reduction doesn't work and that the best way to reveal his dormant abs will be to burn off the layer of fat that is covering them and improve his dietary habits. This next myth has a special place in my heart, and by special place I mean I want to give it the people's elbow just like this.



Look to almost every imaginable crook of the gym and you will see women of all ages and walks of life lifting dumbbells smaller than their purses for thousands of reps because they are scared of "bulking up". Being an individual who thinks that women are amazing and run the world, I believe that this is a highly limiting view to possess. Strength is empowering. Heavy lifting will not only get you stronger, but it will help you attain the physique you want without leaving you looking like a body builder (unless you have superhuman genes or secretly meet with a steroid supplier 2-3 times a week in a dark alley for regular injections in your bootayyyyyy). Hard work breeds results and hard work includes lifting heavy.

Even though many women believe that the moment they lift something heavy they will immediately turn into the Incredible Hulk, muscle is actually pretty hard to build. Most men have to work pretty hard at it and women lack the hormonal advantages that men possess. The muscle pump after a workout that may be confused with getting "hyooge" is temporary and it actually takes several weeks for muscle growth to occur.

Whether you're a superhero geek and saw it or not, Marvel's The Avengers was a smash hit at the box office this past summer for many reasons. I'm going to go out and hypothesize that Scarlett Johansson was one of them.

She looked amazing! I honestly think that if you looked up sexy right now on she would be the definition (don't hold me to that though, just a rumor i heard).After watching her in The Avengers I personally wanted to purchase a skin-tight suit for my wardrobe, but then I realized it wouldn't have the same effect so needless to say I didn't. The point of this mini rant was that she worked pretty hard to look that good. Through the use of metabolism jolting workouts, high intensity anaerobic exercise , and nutritional consistency she got the job done on the big screen.

The purpose of lifting weights is to build muscle and this muscle in turn raises your resting metabolic rate or the amount of calories you are burning at rest. Lifting a small amount of weight that doesn't challenge your muscles to adapt and grow defeats the purpose of this. More muscle on your frame also equates to more strength and less body fat. Bye-bye love handles, see you never.   If you clean up your diet in addition to challenging yourself in the weight room you will not turn into a beast but instead will look like a goddess. Throw some heavy weights into a circuit a la Density training or implement the use of super setting and you could also have a pretty taxing cardiovascular response. I could even make an argument that you could use this as your only form of cardio, but lets take this one step at a time shall we :)

Next time you hit the gym ladies thank the pink weights for keeping you active, but tell them that its time to move on. Start off by gradually increasing the weight you lift and never be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure about something (i.e exercise selection, form/technique, etc.). Sound off in the comments: Have you tried lifting heavy? What has kept you from doing so in the past? What problems/successes have you come across?

Spread the love and lets get ladies lifting heavy everywhere!

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