The 7 Minute Workout To Rule Them All

When the New York Times posted the article last year for the scientific 7 minute workout (, the internet went crazy like smeagol after he became addicted to the ring. In addition to the fact that this workout lasted only 7 minutes, it touted such benefits as increased endurance and heightened metabolic/cardiovascular health. This compressed, but intense routine combined resistance training exercises that strengthened the entire body with a interval based endurance style. The result was a extremely challenging workout that could be completed by individuals with little time, space, or equipment.

Just like the powerful ring that Gandalf the wizard assigned Bilbo Baggins to destroy, this precious workout had some knocks on it that went hand in hand with its seemingly endless potential. For one, even though its only 7 minutes, this 7 minutes should feel like hell. For a de-conditioned individual this could be difficult to perform during one session alone, therefore discouraging them from completing it on a regular basis and truly reaping its benefits. While I agree with this, I think the workout is pretty scalable. I recommend that you challenge yourself, but listen to your body. Gradually work on increasing the amount of reps you can complete in the time alotted. The more the merrier. Remember in order for the workout to be as effective as possible it has to be intense, so work your way up to that point if you are not ready to work at that pace now.

Secondly, the emphasis on one particular point seemed to be missing from this article: you can't out train a bad diet.  You can do this workout until you are blue in the face, but if you're nutrition is out of whack you won't see the progress you are looking for. This workout is not the end all be all. Work on eating right and If your caught in a bind for time or traveling on the road- use it, but work on freeing up more time to take care of your body. You only get one. Its worth the effort.

With that being said, I have updated the original workout and put a SojiFit spin on it.  

Yeah. I just dropped the remix.

Call it the 7 minute workout 2.0 or insert some other cool name that you think makes it trendy, but get up off your couch and try it out. It is geared to hit every inch of your body, enhance your mobility, and improve your athletic performance. 

Lace up your sneakers and grab your ticket to sweat town.

Tell them i sent ya.



For each exercise complete as many reps as you can in 30 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. 

1. Spiderman Lunges w/ Arm Lift

2. Sprint in Place

3. Inchworm Pushups

4. Side Plank w/ Leg Lift (Left Side)

5. Side Plank w/ Leg Lift (Right Side)

6. Dumbbell RDL 2 Row

7. Split Jacks

8. Squat Thrust 2 High Knees

9. Lateral Lunge 2 Overhead Press

10. Archer Plank

11. Russian Twist

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