Stoops Are For Kids: 3 Ways To Leave Your Comfort Zone And Achieve Greatness Daily

Some people complain about the quality of education or communication in today’s world. I for one think that the cartoons today suck and choose to complain about that instead. In my opinion the 90’s were the golden age of cartoons. I remember eagerly waking up early on Saturdays and falling into the television induced coma that was channel eleven’s morning line up. During the week, the quality of shows only improved from there.

I recently came across a list of the 90’s best cartoons and was immediately sent down memory lane. Does Doug, Rocko’s Modern Life, or Rug rats ring a bell? Honestly, Nickelodeon practically raised me (sorry mom and dad). One of my favorite shows was “Hey Arnold!” If you have not heard about this show, I would probably subscribe to Netflix if I was you. The series was centered on Arnold, the shows fourth grade hero, navigating through the difficulties of big city living and the personal problems of his eccentric troupe of friends and boarding house tenants. One character who really hit home was stoop kid. He didn’t have the biggest role, but his part held much meaning.

Stoop kid’s existence was an urban legend to the children of Arnold s neighborhood. Few knew where he had come from.

Some say he was abandoned there…

Others say he was dropped there from the sky by aliens…

Still others say that he grew from a seed lodged between the cracks of the sidewalk…

Gerald, the keeper of the tale

With his true origin unknown, Stoop kid struck fear into the hearts of the neighborhood residents. Come to close to his stoop and risk being pummeled.

Some people even say he killed a man for touching his stoop.

The Truth?

Nobody knows.

Only one thing was set in stone. Stoop kid loved his stoop. It was all that he had ever known. It was all that he had ever loved. On the confines of those steps he was comfortable. He was protected. He was the king of his own universe.

Beneath this veil of security, stoop kid was actually afraid. The same fear that the children of Arnold’s neighborhood possessed of him, he possessed of the unknown.

Let’s face it. There’s a stoop kid in all of us.


We all possess a level of comfort in our everyday surroundings and routines. When pushed outside of these boundaries it can be hard to perform, but it is where we need to venture often to truly improve as people. The “stoop” is just metaphorical and can be anything. What is your stoop? What is holding you back from being the best “you” possible? Is it a fear of switching up your workout or eating habits to achieve the body that you want? Is it the fear of leaving your job that fills you with anxiety to chase one that you love? How about the fear of seeking advice from those who may be more knowledgeable about a certain subject or asking for help? Only you truly know.

For me personally, my “stoop” has been this blog. The fear of being ridiculed by everyone or heard by no one really kept my fingers paralyzed and my pages empty. Even though I truly have been busy with the growth of my training business, the uncertainty of my success on this platform pushed me to find every excuse possible to not sit down and write. Behind this uncertainty, lies a hidden beauty. The gift and the curse of life is that it is unscripted. Each day after the sun rises, we step out into the world and make choices that either drive us closer to our dreams or drift us further away from them. The key to this equation is the power of choice. You truly are the creator of your own fate. Being great is a choice, one that you make each and every moment on a daily basis. I have decided to be great and venture into uncharted territory running head first.

Whatever your goal, there is no reward for always playing it safe. You’ve got to get dirty, sweaty, embarrassed, fatigued, etc. I hate being cliché, but you have got to get “comfortable being uncomfortable”. Here are three quick and easy ways to begin venturing into the unknown on a regular basis to get what you want out of life. They have personally helped me sit down, get “action” orientated, and strive to be the best me possible.

1. Start With Why

At one point or another we all have hit a wall (some literally) and began to question ourselves or our current paths in life. When you fall into these “shooting slumps”, you must remember why you embarked on your own personal journey in the first place. Whether you are trying to lose 20lbs, start up a company, or become a modern day Casanova, your “Why” has to motivate you to drive through points of fear that will normally leave you paralyzed or indecisive. I personally love helping people change their bodies and lives. The happiness that they experience literally makes me feel amazing. This is what drives me when my alarm clock goes off at 4am for work. What drives you? Why would you like to accomplish the particular goal or task you set out upon? Write it down on a note card in a way that inspires you and repeat it over and over. All great things that are done in the physical, start on a mental battlefield.

2. Act Now

Tomorrow never comes. What can you do right now that will bring you one step closer to your goals? Can you make any calls or send out an email? How about getting in a workout right now or making your next meal a healthy one instead of putting it off until later? In addition to planning out small conquerable tasks that will build both confidence and steam for that day, look to do so for maybe one or two days past that and adjust accordingly. Choose to step up and be proactive!

3. Prepare For The Hate And Embrace Those Who Uplift

If super villains didn’t exist to combat your superhero awesomeness, than life just wouldn’t be any fun honestly. You can’t please everybody and shouldn’t try to. There will be people attempting to fill you with negativity and doubt. These same people may have failed themselves or may be too scared to go out and attempt anything special on their own. Surround yourself with people who support your goals and bring out the best in you. Inspire the others with your success.

On the other hand, your own personal demons will even attempt to fill you with fear. You have got to ignore these feelings and focus on the all the positive you will be bringing about by enacting this change.

Arnold helped stoop kid leave his perch and live it up like a boss. Before you go out and achieve your fitness goal, win a championship or become a fortune 500 CEO answer me this:

What is your stoop? What existing fears in your fitness journey have prevented you from progressing?  How have you gone about bringing out the best in yourself? Help the rest of us out and share below! Heck, share the article too :)

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