3 Feet From Gold: 4 Ways To Fight Quitting And Reach Your Fitness Goals

The story of R.U  Darby goes a little bit like this....

Darby was guilty of quitting when experiencing temporary defeat- an action that most people take. Darby's uncle had traveled west to get rich in the mining business during the gold rush of the wild west, but had not invested the time to learn about what he had wished to accomplish. When he discovered gold, he realized he wasn't fully prepared for it , lacking the necessary machinery to remove the huge rocks and dirt covering the shining ore. He went back to his hometown and got family and friends to invest in the necessary machinery and came back with his young nephew Darby. They began digging and excitedly sent the first high quality batch of gold ore to the smelter. They were convinced that they were about to make a fortune, but soon tragedy struck as the gold suddenly disappeared. They had never studied the art of gold mining, so it wasn't long before they became impatient and frustrated. Once the job became more difficult and the exhilaration from their instant success had worn off, they had reached their end point. Soon they gave up and sold their machinery to a local junk man for a few hundred dollars. This local junkman was passionate about mining and had been waiting patiently for an opportunity. He believed that it was his destiny to be successful in the business and that eventually his time would come. He was broke in terms of money, but rich in faith. After hiring a mining engineer to expect the location where Darby and his uncle had been digging. He discovered what was known as a fault line. The engineer explained that if the junkman were to head back and dig only 3 feet from where the Darby clan had given up he should rediscover gold.

He listened to the engineer and eventually did come across more of the valuable ore.

Millions of dollars worth of it! 

It's safe to say, he probably lived out the rest of his life like this...



One of the most valuable lessons that you could learn from this story is that one of the common causes of failure is quitting too soon. Many times people take setbacks as a sign that they are not meant to win in a particular arena. In reality, we obtain necessary information from failure and should actually look at these occurrences as micro-experiments. You learn both what works and what doesn't work from your mistakes and through them you can craft the perfect recipe for success. I'm here today to let you know that greatness lies in each and every one of us. Whether you are looking to lose 20lbs or put on 10lbs of muscle, you can do it! When you are feeling down and out try these four tactics to get your motivational juices flowing

1) Revisit Your "Why"

I firmly believe that you can accomplish any "what" if you believe in the "why". What is the reason behind the change that you seek? If you haven't thoroughly asked yourself that question already then you need to do so right now! Do you want to lose a couple of pounds in order to fit into the old cocktail dress tucked into the back of your closet or are you doing so in order to post pictures of your 6 pack abs on Facebook to make your annoying, stalking ex super jealous? I mean you could always just block them, but then they wouldn't get to see the progress in dem abzzzzz! Either way, you are more likely to stick something through during the rough times when you are emotionally invested. When the passion is not behind your mission, it can be easy for the fuel to run out.

With SojiFit I have a mission statement that I read twice a day. It's only a couple of sentences, but every time I read it I remember why I do what I do and it makes me smile. It's a constant reminder of how I get to touch lives and how I have my life touched by others every day. 

Write out your own personal statement and watch the magic happen. One rule: your statement has to move you. When you read it, you must be emotionally effected. Tweak the wording around until it has this effect on you.

2) Process Vs Outcome Goals

Weight loss can be a two steps forward, one step backwards process. After some initial success, you may hit a week where you stay the same or lose less weight then you anticipated. This can be a discouraging process if you focus strictly on the numbers. Don't be a slave to a scale and look at the many other factors involved in the journey. If you are an individual who only lifts minimally, and this week you squeezed in 3-4 total body resistance training sessions then your week was awesome! If you hit your protein number only 3 times last week, but this week you hit it on 6 days out of the week then break out your touchdown dance because that is another cause for celebration.

Small hinges swing big doors. If you focus on the details of the process then you will receive a favorable outcome.

3) Keep It Simple

If you have been having trouble changing a multitude of habits that will get you closer to your goals you should focus on simplifying things. What are the 1 or 2 things that you can change this week that will produce massive results? What particular area of your fitness journey are you having trouble with? Say for example you have been crushing workouts, but haven't seen the physical changes. Next week focus on journaling everything you eat. After analyzing the results you may find that what you are consuming in the kitchen (or during your Netflix marathon) is setting you back. 

Maybe you eat out every meal of the day. Your focus for next week could be to have 10 meals prepared at home. In the following week you can focus on increasing this number. These are all small changes that will eventually lead to a massive payoff. 

Simplify your journey by finding the small cogs that will get the big wheel turning. 

Ultimately, remember this quick point. If you are looking to change your body fat percentage pay attention to the quality of your food. If you are looking to change the number on the scale then look to the quantity of food that you are consuming. If you are looking to change both, well then, look at both of these.

4) Seek Advice

There are no such things as shortcuts when it comes to success, but a lot of the time working smarter instead of harder can be what you need to get over the hump. We live in an extremely prideful, do-it-yourself based society, but in reality the most efficient people seek out mentors/experts who help to catapult them to success. Hiring a coach can be some of the best money that you invest in yourself. Your time is valuable, so why not put your exercise programming in the hands of an individual who has worked with and helped many people in the same situation as you? If you agree with this check out my Coaching: http://www.sojifit.com/online-coaching/.  A comprehensive, personalized online experience that will get you the results that you deserve. This is not a cookie cutter approach, but a program designed with your needs, goals, and lifestyle in mind..

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