4 More Exciting Ways To Do Cardio For People Who Still Hate To Do Cardio (Part II)

I got 99 problems, and if you're like me, sometimes cardio can be one of them.

The first article was pretty popular ( if you missed all the fun, check it out here: http://www.sojifit.com/blog/2015/3/30/5-not-so-boring-ways-to-do-cardio) so I decided to add on to the list to help gym goers everywhere wage war against boring exercise.

In my opinion, working out should be like a party,  just with better lighting and minus the sweaty creeps trying to cramp your style. 

C'mon we've all run into this guy on the dance floor at least once or twice.

    Him: "Want to have a dance off?"  Me: Nah bruh, i'm good.


Him: "Want to have a dance off?"

Me: Nah bruh, i'm good.

Keep your cool points high and your body fat low with these 5 additional forms of cardiovascular conditioning. 

1. Density Training

As a young lad, I lay in bed reading stories about a mythical place where you could burn fat, build muscle, and enhance your conditioning all in one workout. As I grew older, i discovered this land wasn't as mythical as I once thought it was and that this workout actually existed. This form of training is known as density training and it actually isn't a form of illegal sorcery, but just plain old hard work. I was first introduced to it in Robert Dos Remedios's book on Cardio Strength Training and it has become a vital component in many of the fat loss programs i put together. It is safe to say he is my real life version of Gandalf, just without the dangerous life-risking trip to destroy a ring. Gandolf hates being confused with dumbledore by the way.


Anyway, DT is a performance based workout, so it's you against the clock. You rest when you need to, but the purpose is to cram as much work as you can into the alotted time slot. Try this workout below if you are looking to get your butt kicked! Set a timer to 15 minutes and complete as many rounds as you can of the 5 exercises below (completing 10 reps for each exercise):


Goblet Squat (choose 12RM weight)


DB Row (choose 12RM weight)

Medicine Ball Russian Twist

2. Jump Rope

When it comes to equipment, sometimes newer isn't always better. To get an efficient workout look no further than the old school playground favorite: the jump rope. It is a low cost piece of equipment that can be taken and utilized almost anywhere. Jumping rope works your arms, legs, and core and helps to improve balance/agility. You don't need to be floyd mayweather to enjoy the killer cardio benefits of a jump rope either. I actually like to keep my workouts with the rope pretty simple. Try this workout next time you hit the gym (repeat for 2-3 rounds):

1 min of jumping rope, 30 sec plank hold

1 min of jumping rope side to side, 30 sec lunges

1 min of alternating leg hops, 30 sec pushups

1 min of double jumps, 30 sec air squats

3. Hill Sprints

I have a love-hate relationship with hill sprints. I despise them while they are happening, but I love the ability they have to develop speed, torch fat, and enhance conditioning. You probably won't thoroughly enjoy them either (They have a special way of making you grab your knees gasping for air), but after you are walking around oozing sexiness you will probably get over how intense they are. Hills vary in length and steepness, so giving an exact recommendation on how many to do here is a little tricky. I use a hill on the Upper East Side, and map out about 40 yards for my sprint repeats. Your hamstrings will let you know when its time to throw in the towel.

4. Medicine Ball Slams

Looking for a quick way to let off some steam and get in a great cardio burst at the same time? If so, you need to add medicine ball slams to your routine. Slams are a power generating, compound exercise that gets the heart rate going. One of my favorite clients refers to this exercise in our session as the "ex husband head smasher". You could probably insert anything into the first slot for added motivation! Try them for time, never compensate form for speed though. Try 3-5 sets of 30 seconds as a workout finisher.


Closing Thoughts

You don't have to dread your workouts. You've got options! What is your favorite form of cardio?

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