I'm Feeling Myself: Utilize Self Love To Improve Your Fitness Results

We live in a world dominated by instant gratification. 

"I know what I want and I want it NOW!" (insert soulful voice from the 70's)

Today, you can walk into a fast food restaurant and receive your order in less than five minutes after placing it.

You log onto the internet and fortunately, you are no longer greeted by this image.

Heck, If you wanted a baby today and had the money to fly to India, you could probably be a proud parent by sun down.

In the fitness world, things are no different. There are enough magic pills, waist contraptions, and 28 day programs to make you feel like it's your first day at Hogwarts under the sorting hat.

In reality, these claims are unrealistic and/or unsustainable. It's pretty tough to lose a ton of weight safely in a very short period of time and if you do chances are that it will come knocking at your door looking to move back in at some point if you haven't changed certain habits and adopted a different lifestyle. A slow consistent trend of 0.5-2lbs a week is awesome and something to pat your back over! 

When losing it at this slow consistent rate, it is much more likely to be fat, instead of muscle and water. Losing muscle and water just isn't cool ladies and gentlemen. You know what also isn't cool?

Self shaming and beating yourself up!

Quit channeling your inner Milhouse and enjoy the process! (Gasp)

Yeah i said it. Enjoy yourself!

A scale weight is only a number and does not provide you with the entire picture, but societal norms have allowed it to dictate who we are and how we feel about our level of awesomeness. We set a goal and often times after hitting that goal, many are still unhappy.

I want you to shift your focus a bit. Put more effort into getting stronger and getting to the gym more often. Find a form of exercise that makes your heart sing and then engulf yourself in its benefits.  Emphasize eating nutrient dense food more often and journaling your process. Celebrate the small victories as much as you champion the big ones. Focus more on the things you currently love about yourself, these feelings/positive emotions create a healthy environment that will only bring you closer to your goals. You are in a much better mind state to take action when you are filled with passion and love.

Think about it.

On days where you feel lethargic, tired, anxious, angry, pessimistic, etc, do you really want to get anything done? 

These emotions tend to weaken you. Fill yourself with love for the unique individual that you are and you will find strength!

Be consistent. Enjoy your journey. Develop sustainable habits. Be patient. Embrace your flaws.

This will leave you in a better place both mentally and physically. It will also leave this Beyonce hit as the new theme song to your life.

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