Let SojiFit get your employees/team healthier, happier, and more productive!

Employees are the most valuable assets to a company. The purpose of SojiFit "team training" is to help companies:

  • build a sense of camaraderie among co-workers by allowing them to experience activities together that aren't related to work

  • lower insurance claims and reduce pharmacy costs

  • reduce the amount of work site illnesses and injuries

  • manage employee work site stress

  • improve employee well being and job satisfaction

According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, each dollar invested in a wellness program can yield about $4 in increased productivity, with less absenteeism and lower insurance costs!

SojiFit can help your team with anyone of the following:

1) High Energy Lunch And Learn Series- topics vary but these informative sessions may include stress management techniques, ways to become fitter in the work place, and education on healthy nutrition/habit building.

2) Bootcamp/Team Building Group Workout- This fun and impactful workout will string together high calorie burning, total body movements that deliver faster results. I will get your team laughing together and bring out their inner athlete!

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