30 day Fat Loss jumpstart guide

This jump start guide is awesome if you are looking to start today and start seeing results fast. It includes a 4 week exercise plan, as well as a nutrition protocol focused on high quality proteins, low starch vegetables, and natural fats.

The point of this plan is to get you burning your fat stores instead of sugar for fuel. As with any exercise, make sure you consult your physician before starting a new program. Be safe and enjoy!


6 habits to Build a sexy body and a badass life

Looking to become the best possible version of YOU? Then you need to master these 6 habits. 


7 Not So Boring Cardio Workouts for people who hate cardio

Want me to let you in on a little secret? Cardio doesn't have to suck! This guide contains 7 of my favorite HIIT cardio workouts that do not involve a piece of cardio equipment. 

When it comes to results, intensity always trumps duration. That is why these cardio workouts are all short and sweet (each will last you 20 minutes of less). Most importantly though, listen to your body, be safe, and get your sweat on!