Soji is fitness guru. He got me to "buy in" even though I was skeptical that the plan would work, and my body feels like it never has before. His special energy, gentle persistence, and expert knowledge of how the human body functions is a beautiful recipe that has worked wonders for me, even amidst my very busy lifestyle.

-Georgia Pellegrini: Author, Chef, Outdoor adventure expert, tv personality

I just have to start off by saying this is such an amazing guy right here! Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have met Soji and had him as not only part of my life as a trainer, but also part of my journey in getting my career where I want it to be. This man has such an abundant flow of energy that is just contagious and gets you going. Soji will have you feeling like you can move mountains and reach any goal you put your mind to. I started working with him about two years ago when I was starting out my career full time in New York City and from that time forward he completely turned my body around and even my mentality toward working out. Being that I am a model, I have to keep a certain type of figure. I have an athletic build, so it was hard for me to find a balance that would keep me toned and slim without bulking up too much. Soji was able to get me a routine that did just that and his positive energy made it not just successful but fun. It was always such an enjoyable way to start the day off with someone like him. I really do recommend him for anyone looking to enhance their personal fitness goals whether it is slimming down, toning up, or building strength. Since the beginning, he has always been there and offered any help he possibly could to help make my dreams come true. Whether I am on the road and need a workout or in New York and want to learn new techniques to further accelerate my body, he always follows through, never disappointing. This is a man that has changed my life and I will forever be thankful for all the efforts he has put into helping me get to where I am today. Thank you again Soji, you are destined for greatness. Keep changing lives, I know your going to make a difference for so many people.


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I started working with Soji in my junior year of high school and have been training with him ever since. His energy is infectious, and he genuinely loves what he does. He's helped me personally with my agility, explosion, and overall strength as a basketball player. Soji knows his stuff, and has the intelligence to make a workout plan for anyone. I highly recommend him.

-Shane Richards, Professional Basketball Player, Rio Valley Grande Vipers (NBA G League)


 I've known Soji for 6 years now, ever since my freshman year of college, and I have never met a harder worker than him since. He is dedicated, energetic, and incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and sport. I play professional basketball in Germany and I asked Soji for a workout plan to keep my strength and size while in season. The workout is great and I already feel a difference in the weight room and on the court. He is an incredible man that can help you in any way you possibly need. Soji is a trainer that will give you every ounce of effort and focus that he has. A great friend and great motivator! Thanks Soj!!!

-Matthew Devine, Professional Basketball Player, BG Dorsten


 I began my workout journey with Soji during July 2012.  At the time, I was nervous that slimming down for my March 2013 wedding seemed like the impossible task.  Soji showed me that nothing is impossible and working out is fun!  Less than a year later, I am 30 pounds lighter, in solid shape, am married, and training for my first triathlon!  Soji makes getting up at 6 AM the most fun and exciting workout adventure!  His constant positive reinforcement and fun nature keeps me looking forward to each and every 6 AM session.  Each workout with him presents a new challenge and concludes with a specific homework assignment for my independent workouts.  Soji understands that one’s workout journey is a combination of mind, body, and soul; he truly cares about your personal success!

-Meredith Waltzer (New York, NY)



I have worked with at least 10 trainers over my life, and I can say without hesitation, that Soji James is the best I have ever encountered!  I could go on and on extolling his merits, but I’ll simplify and give my 5 top reasons for why you should train with him too!

 1.) Results.  Let’s face it, this is the most important.  We’re working out w/ a trainer because we want to see something change.  Everyone is different, and Soji keeps that in mind, so he tailors a regime to your needs and specific goals.  He helps you set those goals too if you’re not quite sure how to start.  Since January, I have lost over 23 pounds, seeing him twice a week and doing one lifting day on my own.   My shrinking thighs and waist, coupled with the compliments from friends and colleagues are astounding.  I would never have been able to achieve this milestone (and have the strength to keep going so I can lose 23 more!) without his guidance and expertise.  I’m hooked!

 2.) Exciting & High Intensity.  Soji keeps workouts different and exciting.  I never know what we’re going to do, and it keeps my body guessing.  He changes things up so that I don’t ever get bored; I always want to wake up and get my butt to the gym so that I can have my “high intensity” time.

3.) Education/Intellectualism.  In the past, I’ve had issues w/ trainers who I felt certain didn’t have the brains to back up what they were teaching me in the gym.  I love that I can ask Soji a question about the reasons behind why he trains me the way he does, and I get an educated, well-researched response- every time.  He is clearly more than just a buff dude in the gym, and this makes a DIFFERENCE.  You want a trainer to understand the body, metabolism, muscles, nutrition, etc. so that you know they aren’t just bulking you up or giving you some fad to follow.  Soji is a total professional and well-educated trainer.

4.) Motivation.  I’ve never had a trainer that I felt was as dedicated to my success as Soji.  He keeps me motivated during our sessions with lots of positive feedback and encouragement, as well as with texts through the week- who else takes the time to do that?  It keeps me motivated (and, yes, accountable) to someone in a POSITIVE way.  Soji goes the extra mile to let his clients know they are important to him.

5.) FUN.  And this goes back to the first point, results.  Who wants to work out with someone boring or dry…or god forbid…quiet?!?  Soji is funny, happy, positive and always smiling.  We laugh through our hour together and it makes my workout the highlight of my day.  I think it’s probably his tactic to make sure your abs are fully engaged at all times! ;)

-Marissa Reibstein (New York, NY)


I have been working with Soji James at the 92nd St Y for the past 2 years and It has truly been a blessing. When I began working with Soji I was 16 years old, 194 pounds and not a complete basketball player or athlete. After working with him I began to realize I hadn’t nearly tapped into my potential in either arena. Unfortunately, I hurt my ankle on the court and needed to have  surgery. I was forced to avoid physical activity for 6 months. Nonetheless, Soji found a way to keep me in shape while my lower body was out commission. We worked on my upper body and found alternate ways to keep me active. Once I was cleared for basketball activities, Soji was motivated to help me become a better all around player for my senior year of high school basketball and after re-committing to his workouts this summer I have seen the results. I started the summer 194 pounds again, due to poor eating habits and was determined to lose weight to become faster on the court and to look better overall. Soji introduced me to the Paleo diet and educated me on proper pre/post exercise nutrition. In addition, he developed  various on and off court strength & conditioning/skill workouts to help me develop a lean physique and improve my perimeter guard skills. I can say with his enlightening smile and motivation I made it through the summer a better player and person. With the help of Soji I am now a fit 180 pounds and in the best shape I have ever been. I recommend Soji for any type of person that is looking for results quickly, but also to enjoy their time training. His determination to help you is amazing, he is very easy to talk to about anything and I'm truly thankful for him.

-Jake Roseman (New York, NY)


It is with complete conviction that I recommend Adesoji James to you as a Personal Trainer! In the three months of training with him I have seen my body become leaner and stronger in a way that neither competitive swimming, nor Vinyasa yoga delivered. Not only does he possess keen expertise, he also has inspiring joie de vivre! Just when you might feel like you can’t lift anything more or pedal any faster, he manages to make you laugh so that you end-up pushing through with gusto. He thoughtfully plans out consecutive sessions developmentally and sequentially to build good form and technique, and in each session he also introduces new skills and routines to keep you thinking on your feet and smiling. I recommend Soji most whole-heartedly! Due to our work together, I have dropped down two sizes and have grown strong enough to hold a forearm stand in yoga. I am thankful for the chance to have worked with him!

-Suran Song (Yoga Instructor/Artist, Queens NY)

Coach James joined our staff in June 2011 and his impact was felt immediately. Soji is a great communicator and teacher. His outstanding knowledge of strength and conditioning coupled with his experience as a college basketball player made him a perfect fit for our program. Our players instantly gravitated to Coach James to see what they could learn from him. He implemented a brand new performance program for our team and the improvements in areas such as speed, power, and athleticism was incredible. These progressions were one of the many reasons we captured our first CUNY North Division title since 2005.

-Steven Schulman (Head Men’s Basketball Coach @ Lehman College, Bronx NY)


Soji is a trainer who goes the extra mile to help you reach your goals. He not only gives his all during training sessions, but his follow-up between sessions to help motivate and educate his clients sets him apart. He is knowledgeable and tailors training sessions, mixing up exercises to keep it interesting, challenging and results-orientated. I have trained with many people over the years and Soji’s positivity, knowledge and caring are unique

-Jill Bodian (New York, NY)


I can’t say enough about Soji. To start with, he is a beautiful and thoughtful person who has amazing patience and talent in the field of fitness training. I started training with Soji in February of 2012 after a string of depressing years with little or no exercise due to injuries and surgeries. Prior to that, I had prided myself as a person who was strong and fit, calling myself a “gym rat”. But, at the time I started with Soji, I had to start again at square one. I was out of shape and unable to walk up a hill without huffing and puffing. I was discouraged and depressed. How would I get back to being fit and enjoy sports again?

Soji was magic from the first day we met.  His positive attitude and ability to read when its time to push harder for one more rep or stop to avoid injury contributes to the trust necessary to get a hard workout in. We have pushed through tough times when I have re injured myself (outside of our workouts!). He has found ways to keep me going by helping me take things a day at a time and setting reasonable goals. He even went with me to physical therapy to talk to my physical therapist about appropriate exercises for strengthening and what to avoid.

Soji is all about setting goals and last year I had a specific goal in mind when we started in February. I had instigated a hike in the White Mountains with my family. We were to spendthree days hiking Mt Washington and staying in the huts. The weather was horrendous; hurricane winds and rain and I was nearly the most senior person, and carried the heaviest pack. Yet, I felt no pain and “scampered”, according to my siblings and other family members, up and down the mountain. By day three, the rest of my group was seriously exhausted, and some nearly didn’t make it. But I was able to climb that mountain and enjoy the entire hike, without the distraction of being out of shape and in pain. I kept thinking, “Wow, I’m not dreading this steep pitch and my legs, back and shoulders aren’t screaming!”

I am so lucky to have met Soji. He has coached me, been my friend and listened to my life stories. He has stuck with me and encouraged me through sickness and health. I could not ask for a better trainer or friend.
For me, working out is all about living the life I want to live, whether it’s participating in a sport, or fitting in my clothes everyday! Soji has given me that gift.

-Tina Stahl (New York, NY)


Soji James is an outstanding basketball coach.  Hiring him to be a personal basketball instructor at the 92nd street Y was a no-brainer considering his outgoing personality, collegiate basketball playing background, and phenomenal way with people of all ages.  His personal training background gives him a great advantage in basketball player development in that he can add a strength and conditioning regimen to any player’s training schedule.  Soji has a great approach to instruction, making sure he is well prepared and catering to the needs of the individual he is working with.  Most importantly, Soji understands how to connect with athletes in an inspiring way.  I would recommend him to anyone serious about raising their level of play.

-Dan Ourian (Director Of Sports and Maccabi Programs @ 92Y, New York NY)


I first noticed Soji at my gym training other members and thought “I want to do that!”  At first I thought I’d train for a few weeks because I’d soon be in a bathing suit, but over 9 months later I’m feeling stronger and more fit than ever. Soji makes working out fun, inspires me and encourages me when I need it.  Each session is different from the last and I’ve never laughed more!  Having Soji as my personal trainer has helped me to discover my own Inner Athlete!

-Beth Coulston (New York, NY)


I signed up for the winning by losing program at the 92nd St Y hoping to lose 10 lbs, improve my nutrition, and to learn better workouts. I had previously just run on the treadmill and had done no strength training. I was set up with Soji for the training sessions. After the first session I was sore for a few days ,which I knew meant that my body was experiencing a stimulus that it hadn’t before. Soji gave me nutrition recommendations and followed up after our sessions by sending me emails with both pictures showing what he had taught me and “homework” that I could do on my own. Not only did I lose inches and drop sizes but I exceeded my initial goal and lost 13 lbs. I signed up for more sessions with him after the program was over because he was so motivating, inspiring, and I kept seeing results. As tough as the workouts were he made me look forward to our sessions ( even at 6 am!) as he’s super nice, fun, knowledgeable about what works for each individual and was so dedicated to me achieving my goal. I am beyond happy I signed up for program and met Soji. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer.

-Julie Mitzner (New York, NY)


At 73, hiring Soji as my personal trainer has helped me turn back the clock physically, mentally and emotionally. I had been working out regularly before I started with Soji but had hit a wall of boredom after several years of machine based cardio exercises. Just like a good medical internist, ,Soji learns as much as he can about his clients in formulating his workout programs. After learning that I had a more than fifty year interest in basketball, Soji developed an effective and enjoyable program based on basketball drills for cardio, weight training for strength/muscular development and stretching exercises to help me work on my flexibility. Our one hour sessions seem like five or ten minutes. Combined with his very sound nutritional advice, Soji’s program has been a wonderful platform for an enjoyable and rewarding life as a senior citizen. It’s even helped me fit into smaller suits!

-Richard McDermott (New York, NY)


I am an Upper EastSide residentand thought you might like to know about my recent participation in the Maccabiah Games held in Israel this past July.  Having been selectedto play for TEAM USA, I reached the semifinalsin the  senior/Masters  tennis doubles competition.  Accordingly, I received abronze medalThe chance to play for the country of my birth in the country of my people’s birth was a singular experience – emotionally, spiritually, and athletically.

Part of my preparation for the Games was to work out with Soji James. He crafted an effective program that worked on improving my speed, strength, and athleticism, so that when it was time to perform, I was ready. I eventually medaled in competition, so I think it’s safe to safe his program worked!

 -Mark Wilner (New York, NY)


Soji has truly inspired me to get fit and loose weight with his charming perseverance, creative work-outs, and incredible follow through.  He pushes me to new depths in the workout, and then has me articulate a plan for the rest of the week: workouts, food, challenges, and strategies to handle them.  It’s all about me, and he doesn’t forget what I have committed to.  Many trainers in the past fall into a comfortable routine.  Soji mixes it up.  He keeps my body and my mind guessing.  And he encourages internal thought about why I want the change.  He listens to my specific needs and environment. Usually training is just during the hour I am working out with someone.  But, not with Soji.  He suggests recipes, food stores, stating and writing down affirmations.  He engages the mind, emotions, as well as the muscles, so change really takes hold.

-Monique Lowitt (New York, NY)


"Soji James is a spectacular personal trainer and human being. I have been working with him for three months, and already my body is much more toned and I have lost 15 pounds.  I knew from the start that he would inspire me to push myself harder; he has the most optimistic demeanor and truly cares about the progress that I make.  For every session, he customizes our workouts and we never do the same workout twice.  He also gives me well-thought out homework to do and monitors how I'm doing during the week apart from our session times together.  I hope to keep working on my fitness goals with Soji for a long time to come; I'm lucky that he is a part of my life." 

-Alicia Brooks, West Harlem, English Teacher